About the Symposium

“Health, Society and Culture” 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined not only as protection from diseases and germs but also as a state of complete well-being as a whole, physically, spiritually and socially.  Health, which is one of the main subjects of human life and the sustainability of societies, is the subject of almost every branch of science. Furthermore, health has been explored within the different viewpoints, and it will be studied continuously. It is a social and cultural phenomenon as well as a physiological, biological process. Consequently, health should not be considered separately from people, society and culture.

Based on the fact that people from diverse cultures and beliefs benefit from health services in places other than the geographies where they were born, we believe that contribution should be made to the fields of study concerned with communication established with those patients.

The International Health, Society and Culture Symposium aims to address the phenomenon of health with its cultural dimensions. "The Health Reality" is the main topic of the symposium. Hence, this symposium will contribute to the fields related to health and their improvements by embracing the history of health, human health, environmental beliefs, environmental health service and so on.

The phenomenon of health will be explored by providing a platform that the disciplines of statistics, medicine, history, natural sciences, philosophy, religion, sociology, law, literature, psychology, health education, and anthropology are embraced.

"International Health, Society and Culture Symposium" will be held in Amasya between 07-10 March 2019.  It is in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine at the Hungary Debrecen University, and Turkish and English are the languages of the symposium.